The human brain takes a 20th of a second to decide whether it likes something.

It then takes just 4-Seconds to form a lasting impression.

That's a simple ideology. Sometimes referred to as the Adaptive Unconscious. At our most basic level, the human race would not have been able to survive without the instinct to help us make snap decisions. And it works irrespective of what you're referring to - whether buying a chocolate bar, a house or a service provided by a business.

Add to that the fact that businesses spend £millions developing the best products but then waste it all by giving off a negative first impression.

In simple terms, good marketing persuades the audience to make the quick decision to engage with the product. After that, it's down to the product to deliver on the promise.

At 4-Seconds, we like working with clients who offer a great product or service. We provide all the normal marketing services - great design and strong strategy delivered in print, on screen or in a constructed form. We're a small agency based in Hertfordshire, just north of London.