In House

For Small and Medium size businesses, a marketing manager can often be a bit of a luxury. However strong strategic marketing is also one of the fundamentals of a growing business. 4-Seconds can provide a solution that both gives the strategic drive but is also very affordable.

The 4-Seconds Marketing Manager would take a holistic view of your company, your brand and product. He would work with you to develop a marketing plan and then work on implementing these plans. This would be priced at a set monthly retainer that would be agreed beforehand

Using our extensive supplier base we will be able to provide whichever service is required at the highest standard but at a significant discount. Depending on the size of project it is very likely that the savings made would easily cover the monthly retainer fee.

The manner in which we can work with you is entirely flexible and dependant on the needs of your business.

If you want to discuss how this could work in principle for your company, give us a call on 01442 800444 or call Ben Moorhouse directly on 07973 291821.