We've provided the marketing support to the Tringe Festival - the 7th Longest Comedy Festival in the World! It takes place in the small market town of Tring in Hertfordshire.

The event usually gives us the opportunity to creatively let our hair down and have a bit of fun! We hope you like...

EcoSheet - Trade Advertising

The innovative product called EcoSheet is made of recycled plastic, and not just the special plastic we're allowed to put in our black bins; all the other stuff as well. Anything plastic including Coat Hangers, electrical equipment, hard hats, bubble gum and even rubber tyres! WOW! 4-Seconds do all the marketing for them including their first adverts which were cleverly put together using a headline font that uses 20% less ink - now that's clever.



A series of adverts that formed a student recruitment campaign for the University of Glamorgan. Based around the proposition of 'We give you the answers', we went through the process of asking engaging questions and then answering them in a clever and impactful way. Strong use of colour along with sweet illustrations and a specially designed font gave this campaign a very unique feel.

Lee Valley Park

Campaign to get all those 'Couch Potatoes' out of the house and down to the Lee Valley Park. The set of eight press adverts ran weekly in the local press. The objective was to build awareness of the great things available in the Lee Valley Park including Ice Skating, Cycling, Watersports etc. The illustrative 'Couch Potatoes' perfectly represent the laziness in us all!

Toucan Telecommunications

Managing the on-going Advertising and Marketing campaign in such a fast moving and cut-throat industry is no easy task. It involved a multitude of media and changing messages on a weekly if not daily basis.

ROBERT HORNE - Inspired by Experience

We produced a pre-exhibition campaign to promote Robert Hornes new range of vinyls. We mimicked famous creative movements from the last few decades - how many can you recognise?

Polaroid - One for the Girls!

This ad campaign promoting the Polaroid One, focused on the immediate nature of having a print of a photo compared to digital cameras. Certainly had a lot of fun in the photoshoots. We also handled the media buying on this project.