Exhibitions, Roadshow and Conferences are one of our favorite parts of marketing. It's the one time in the marketing calendar where companies may find themselves face-to-face with their competitors, clients, prospects and suppliers.

It's the best opportunity to make a real statement to the rest of your industry.

It's also the one time of the year where you should not short change your marketing plans. Make your exhibition stand, roadshow or conference the focus rather than an annoying bolt on to your annual plans.

Total - Offshore Europe 2011 and 2013

Producing one of the profile stands of one of the biggest events in the UK is a great challenge. Using the proposition of 'Total Commitment', we aimed to demonstrate the successful way Total have continued to develop oil and gas production in and around the North Sea. This includes the first gas to come from the West of Shetland. The stand included a model of their Elgin Franklin platform with LED lights to demonstrate the movement of oil and gas, a large VIP raised platform as well as a fully fitted kitchen.

The photography was a key part of the campaign and featured very prominently on walls and printed material. We were allowed onto Elgin Franklin to take the main shot for the 10 metre curved back wall, as well as taking shots of many Total employee's for the various walls. Many of the photographed staff then appeared on the stand during the show.



One of the best ways to engage your audience is with the use of Live Illustration during your event, exhibition or conference. Elliott is one of our team and has many years of illustrative experience.
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Further Experiential Work

EcoSheet @ EcoBuild 2011

An interesting challenge to design a stand for a triangular space. Utiling either waste plastic or the board itself in many varied ways was the key. Including a gold plastic work of art, a tubular fish tank, a reception desk made out of EcoSheet, and acrylic sample boxes with reveal sliders all made for a very interesting stand. And all done on a very small budget.

Total_07.jpgTotal - Offshore Europe

Brief was to produce a stand that correctly represents the great brand as it should. Features include a raised platform VIP area, Kitchen area, 4 metre hight water fall and an enclosed meeting room.

Robert_Horne_07a.jpgRobert Horne - Sign UK

Robert Horne needed a stand that promoted the many and various products they sell. The solution was to produce an art gallery with each work of art made out of the Robert Horne products themselves. This stand went on to win the Best Installation of the Year in the B2B Awards.

See the Movie below to see what we originally presented to the client. The finished product matched virtually wall for wall.

Parker Hannifin - Offshore Europe

We were briefed to produce a stand for Offshore Europe that could promote a variety of very diverse products. On the basis that the Oil and Gas industry involves the most dangerous environment to work in, we focused the proposition around the SAFETY, RELIABILITY and TRUST that Parker provides. The 5 metre back wall image was of a stormy sea, demonstrating the stark reality that the industry faces on a day to day basis. 15 Products were then displayed on separate walls in a creative manner. Each product had to be individually researched, meetings with each product and sales manager were used to unearth the nugget of a story that would best engage with the audience. The whole project came together in a most glorious way - it was a pleasure to work on.

CIOB - EcoBuild

We challenged the CIOB to position themselves as the focus of the EcoBuild event. As the hub, they invited people to give feedback on great environmental ideas in the built environment. In the process we researched and presented a series of ideas on their stand - this included innovative ideas such as rubber roof tiles, sedum roofing and rainwater harvesting.

See the original walkthrough movie presented to the client...

EcoSheet - EcoBuild

The EcoSheet stand at EcoBuild was used to promote the various uses of the innovative new product. Waste plastic, acrylic boxes with samples, steel structure to demonstrate formworks and a run of hoarding around the meeting area.


Vale Royal - LGA

Briefed to produce a stand that demonstrates the great work that Vale Royal does in improving their environment. With a small stand the solution was to split it down the middle, making one half full of rubbish with graffiti and fly posters. The other side was the beautifully looked after half, demonstrating the Vale Royal effect! The stand, although one of the smallest, actually won best stand in show at the LGA event.