Marketing Communications is the catch all phrase for all that 'General Stuff' that every business needs. Brochures, leaflets, letterhead, giveaways, mouse mats, contact forms, business cards etc etc.

Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC)

Whilst we are not a branding agency, we have designed, developed and delivered brands when needed - and we're pretty good at it (& substatially more cost effective).

The STFC needed a brand that would reflect the gravitas of the organisation and also represent their forward thinking and progressive reputation.

We had a number of other issues to consider, including a potentially very complicated brand architecture involving a large number of institutional sub brands as well as the need of differentiating them from the many other research councils.

Parker Store Blitz

Parker Stores have a global presence. Whenever they open one in the UK, 4-Seconds supply the variety of leaflets, letters, business cards etc that are required to get new customers in the door. The focus is an open day and direct mail packages are sent out to prospects in 3-separate batches. Incentives are included as part of the campaign.

Police Mutual - Child Trust Fund & Guaranteed Capital Bond

Two campaigns for Police Mutual included Conceptual design, photography, copy writing, layout and production.

When the Child Trust Fund was launched by the Government, every insurance company on the market launched their own version. There was a lot of competition and yet we managed to carve a particularly distinctive route with a very engaging campaign, developed on a very tight budget.

Guaranteed Capital Bond was a fantasticly flexible savings opportunity so the 'have your cake and eat it' was an easy line to come up with.

The photography for both campaigns had their pitfalls. Working with children and food. Thankfully not at the same time!

EcoSheet - Product Brochure

Initially produced as an exhibition giveaway, this piece has quickly become the main product brochure for this unique brand.

TeamTalk - the new Housing 21 Newsletter

Housing 21 approached 4-Seconds needing a quarterly Newsletter that would go to all it's staff. A nice approachable coffee table read with lots of good news stories, big pictures, competitions and games.

Cheshire West & Chester Exhibition Magazine

A tailored piece of marketing material - this was designed before the LGA exhibition and then the front cover was personalised on the stand using a very innovative green-screen effect, some fancy dress costumes, a computer with clever software and a quick-fire printer. The picture of the centurion is our very own CEO, Ben Moorhouse!

Toucan Telecommunications - Complete Marketing Collateral

This was a completely all-encompassing campaign, as well as all the adverts, also required was all the marcoms material. Product brochures, Newsletters, Inserts, Direct Mail leaflets, even the installation CD Rom for their broadband service - all produced in-house.

Chartered Institute of Building - Exhibition Guide

As well as the branding and exhibition stand, we also had to research, design and deliver the stand guide. Included within it were 12 great environmentally friendly construction ideas.